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Butch Blues by Fran Marno

Out and About


Friday 2 – Wednesday 14 February, 11am–4pm

Garnet Station  85 Garnet Road, Westmere
Free Event

PulseArt is a group of Auckland lesbian artists who have exhibited together for over 16 years, on issues and themes that are important to us and relevant to our community.

Our art is an important vehicle for naming who we are – for labelling ourselves lesbian. It speaks OUT for us. Our diverse works echo the alternative ways we each view, create and combine our positions and art within our own community and wider society.

We bring together a medley of paintings, drawings and collages. Exhibiting these as a collection offers viewers our love of visual commentary and our range of different realities and choices.

Cath Head collects nostalgic or unexpected collage material and creates new works that offer a little reality along with humour, irony, permanence and beauty.

Fran Marno’s paintings give her butch blue lesbian shirts an iconic status. They are her self-portrait, her cover-up, residing with her in the margins, hinting at a lack of fashion adventure.

Sue Vincent’s graffiti posters offer up humorous sayings, pertinent to our lesbian community.

Beth Hudson’s art reflects on selves – products of childhood, past experiences, society and culture. The hidden or shadow self is part of this ethos of exploration of lesbian identity and being. Her art is a painted journey celebrating difference and being ‘other’.

Nadia Gush and Maureen Jaggard are invited artists for this exhibition.


Wheelchair accessible

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