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Auckland Pride Board Candidates

Eligible Members will elect two Board positions at the Annual General Meeting on Monday 30 July at Studio One Toi Tū in Ponsonby, commencing at 6pm.

Members will receive their voting paper upon arrival at the AGM – and will be able to vote for two preferred candidates. Proxy votes will not be accepted.

Seven candidates have been nominated for election:

Andrew Deakin
Zakk d’Larté
Deborah James
Mathew Nuttall
Ta’i Paitai
Paul Rose
Charlie Tredway

The candidates have submitted the following brief bios for the consideration of Auckland Pride Members.

Andrew Deakin

I am applying to join the Auckland Pride Board because I want to continue making a difference for our communities.

Coming from the Manawatu, having been involved with MaLGRA (New Zealand’s longest-running LGBT association) and having helped out on four previous Auckland Pride Festivals, I am no stranger to the work that’s involved. I enjoy being a part of what happens ‘behind the scenes’. Seeing all the positive feedback that’s been received has really kept me motivated.

My work background is in digital technology and marketing. This includes website development, social media and advertising to automated marketing campaigns and email newsletters.

I’m not shy or afraid to put my hand up and jump in and help out where it’s needed. From being the Social Media Coordinator and loading content on the website to selling t-shirts and support work at events, I have applied my digital expertise and ‘can do’ attitude. I received a small fee for work I did on the 2018 Festival – but would not accept payment if I am appointed to the Board.

Auckland’s communities are so diverse, sexually and culturally, and Auckland Pride has the beginnings of a world-class festival. One that could rival the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras or San Francisco Pride Festival. We’re on our way to achieving this.

We need to keep celebrating our diverse communities in safe spaces that everyone can participate in.

Nominated by: Rod Tian
Seconded by: David Herkt

Zakk d’Larté

I am a young, vibrant and energetic member of the Auckland Pride Board, and I believe I have a great deal more to contribute.

I’ve been on the Board for two terms, but it took a while for me to become comfortable in my role. For a long time, I sat quietly, absorbing information, but not contributing as much as I would have liked.

I’m now in a position where I feel empowered and liberated to use my voice and do the hard work. As well as our normal Board responsibilities, I’ve stepped into the Membership Secretary role and have undertaken the process of facilitating APFI’s archives.

Over the years, I have seen a number of changes within our community, both locally and internationally. I attribute one of my greatest moments as seeing the global shift being reflected in Auckland, and have enjoyed the privilege of helping bring our Festival to life.

I pride myself as being a young person with conviction. I have a vision to evoke change and empower youth around the world to take a stand in their communities and be catalysts for difference.

I am also passionate about promoting and encouraging success through diversity. The core of my advocacy work is always for minorities in our Rainbow communities, with a focus on gender identity and self-expression.

I am fiercely committed and loyal, and have relished the challenge of being on the Board. I’m ready to bring colour and vibrancy, to see to completion the work I have put so much time into, and to help ensure that we continue to flourish into the 2019 Festival and beyond.

Nominated by: Baz Bloomfield
Seconded by: Cassie Roma

Deborah James

I wish to join the Board of Auckland Pride to:
• Contribute and give back to the LGBTIQ+ community
• Use my skills to help deliver an awesome, truly inclusive, Pride festival that reflects strong Te Tiriti based relationships and the diversity of our community
• Gain Board experience and governance expertise
• Have fun working with amazing people

The skills/areas of expertise I can bring to the Auckland Pride Board include:
• Senior leadership in central and local government and NGO sector
• Strategic thinking and strong delivery focus
• Creative problem solving with a passionate, can do, approach
• Inclusive, relationship centred working style
• Long involvement in the LGBTQI+ community
• Risk and issues management
• Commitment and follow through

My vision for the Auckland Pride Festival and Parade is that:
• Our strong commitment to Te Tiriti based partnership and to the diversity within our LGBTQI community is increasingly reflected in the festival and parade
• The right balance is found between community ownership of the festival and parade, and corporate engagement and sponsorship
• Key issues from the Board’s community consultation are incorporated into the festival and parade planning and theme
• Corporate sponsors are encouraged/required to partner with community groups as part of their participation in the parade

Possible perceived conflict of interest:
• As the Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Auckland Council, I lead Council’s Inclusive Auckland work programme
• Auckland Council and ATEED are major funders of Auckland Pride
• I do not expect to be involved in funding decisions about Auckland Pride
• If appointed to the Auckland Pride Board, I would declare this at Council and remove myself from any potential conflict of interest situations

Nominated by: Koro Dickinson
Seconded by: Sonya Apa Temata

Mathew Nuttall

I believe that as an individual culture, New Zealand has travelled a commendable distance along the road of acceptance and inclusion, made possible only by the hard work and example of those who came before us. It is now our turn to lead, using this baton that they have passed, and I feel that being part of the Auckland Pride Board is one of the ways that I can contribute to this work.

Having a career within the Information Services industry, I feel that I offer strong analytical and process driven skills; including process mapping, development and simplification; to support the Board, thereby continuing, but also growing, the delivery of a world-class Festival.

It is my vision that the Auckland Pride Festival continues to diversify, fostering an inclusive environment for all those who support it, across and outside of the Rainbow community. I would like to see the Festival as a season of events that can be enjoyed by all.

Using the Parade as an example; it is my goal to highlight our community groups, so they do not get lost in the celebration of corporate ‘positive inclusion’. I would like to see corporate entrants partnering with these community groups to acknowledge the work that they do, thus helping to raise their profile both inside and outside of the LQBTTIQ whanau.

Nominated by: Steven Miratana
Seconded by: Mark Covich

Ta’i Paitai

My name is Ta’i Paitai and I am seeking to be elected as a Board member on the Auckland Pride Board.

I have decided to make myself available to work on the Auckland Pride Board for our community.

I see this as an opportunity to give back to our community. An opportunity to listen to our community. An opportunity to act on behalf of our community.

A vision I have for the Auckland Pride Festival and Parade is that it sustains itself through the growing respect of the community that it represents, through the support of the wider community and through an international community wanting to enjoy what we have to offer.

I have worked for the Auckland Pride Festival, I have participated in the Auckland Pride Parade, I have supported artists that have performed in the Festival, and I have continued to support Auckland Pride Festival.

Nominated by: Sonya Apa Temata
Seconded by: Shaughan Woodcock

Paul Rose

My name is Paul Rose and I’ve been actively involved in the LGBTI community for the last twenty years:

2003 – 2004 Foundation member of the Hero Brand Management Group who ran a successful Festival and paid off the creditors of the Hero Charitable Trust

2004 – 2005 Secretary of Civil Union Inc who oversaw the nationwide Campaign for Civil Unions

2006 – 2007 Sales and Marketing Manager for

2013 – Present Woof: The Auckland Pride Dog Show, Co-Producer with Steven Oates, a fundraiser for the SPCA

2013 – Present The Great Auckland Pride Debate, Co-Producer with Steven Oates, a fundraiser for community groups

I am experienced in running both small and large events, from fundraising wine auctions to being publicist for the first three Big Day Outs at Mt Smart Stadium.

I have Board experience, including being elected four years running onto the Newmarket Business Association and sitting on the Board of Export Music New Zealand, as well as the Copyright Council of New Zealand.

Pride should be a celebration of who we are, and what we have achieved, both politically and culturally, and must cater for people of all ages, ethnicities and spiritual beliefs.

Auckland Pride should reflect our place in the South Pacific and must reflect the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

I believe I have the time, experience and energy to become a valuable Board member of Auckland Pride Festival Inc.

You have two votes in this election, please consider giving one of them to me.

Nominated by: Bain Duigan
Seconded by: Steven Oates

Charlie Tredway

My name is Charlie Tredway and I am a 34 year old queer man who is extremely passionate about community involvement, engagement and advocacy.

In my work within the HIV sector, I have secured roles as a moderator for The Institute of Many and a facilitator for the Positive Leadership Development Institute. I have worked for the New Zealand AIDS Foundation in Community Engagement and at Body Positive rolling out their new Peer Testing pilot.

I have extensive knowledge and experience communicating and navigating media across a myriad of platforms, having been featured in, or written for SameSame, Rise Up To HIV, Hello Gorgeous, Vice news, Ending HIV, NZAF online and New Idea magazine, and having appeared on multiple TV news segments.

In 2016, I was named one of HIV Plus magazine’s ’16 HIV Advocates to Watch in 2016′.

In 2017, I ran for and won Mr Gay New Zealand as the first ever openly HIV+ contestant – then took out Mr Congeniality at Mr Gay World in Spain.

I am currently working at RainbowYOUTH as the Homelessness Support Advisor, looking at solutions for an issue that disproportionately affects our queer, gender diverse and intersex rangatahi.

I also have proven experience with governance, having been on the Body Positive Board for three terms, where I currently serve as the new Chairman.

I welcome the opportunity to bring these skills and perspectives to a dynamic Auckland Pride Board to help ensure that we continue to move forward and build on the impressive work of previous years.

Nominated by: Ricky Devine White
Seconded by: Aaron Von Phillipe

Note: You are viewing the website for the 2018 Auckland Pride Festival. Visit for the most current Festival website.

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